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About Magic Garage Door

We are an experienced full service garage door company located throughout Pennsylvania with more than twenty years of experience servicing and installing garage doors for residential and commercial applications. All of our services are licensed and insured and provided by trained professional technicians. If you need a repair fast, 24hr emergency repair service is available. Our repairs are cost effective and completed promptly with only a $29 service fee.

Magic Garage Door is capable of repairing any problems that might occur. We are the most dependable company around to handle all of your garage door needs. Some of the problems that might arise with your door could result in the need to replace a part of your door or door mechanism. A panel might need to be replaced because of an accident or weather damage. Tracks can also bend and need to be replaced, and the rollers in the door can wear out and need new ones. The spring is the most crucial part of the door and is complicated and dangerous to replace. If a spring fails the door can become inoperable and even close rapidly causing injuries to people or pets. A broken cable can also prevent the door from operating and need to be replaced quickly.

Sometimes a remote control needs to be replaced because it is lost, destroyed, or stolen. This is another crucial point because if it falls into the wrong hands it gives unauthorized access to your garage and home. The electrical parts may also need to be repaired such as the remote switch and the wiring connecting it to the motor. We can also replace and service the door motor when needed.

The seal around the door is important to keep out dirt and water and for weatherizing the garage. Seals can become damaged or simply need replacing due to wear. Instead of painting the door along with painting the house, it is preferable to replace the old door to match the new exterior design. This can improve the appearance and add value to your home. Even if nothing seems wrong with your door it is a good idea to have a technician inspect your door on a regular basis. This can prevent problems in the future.

No matter what your garage door needs are from servicing and repair or for complete installation of a new door, Magic Garage Door is the company that you can rely on and we will guarantee complete satisfaction of our work.

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